Jenna continues her training “down under”


In my training group, I have become the mileage monitor. Everyone is always asking me how far we rode or ran, what our average speed was and what the elevation gains were. This past week we had a long steady ride followed immediately with a 15.4k bike time trial on very tired legs. The ride was anything but flat and the TT had to be done seated and in a very big gearing. I was pretty smashed from a really long and hard week of training, but I was determined to improve upon my time from Christmas morning (as we had done the same time trial that day). Despite having massively fatigued legs, I stuck it out and dropped my time from 24:15 down to a smoking fast 22:40. Using my Edge, I was able to break down the ride and get my average speed and heart rate for the time trial as well as the actual distance, which came in handy for my coach and teammates to work out their average speeds.

These days, my Forerunner has being seeing a lot of action too, as I am in the middle of a very heavy running block. It's fantastic to be able to accurately count my weekly kilometers and to compare runs from week to week to see the progress and to monitor my fatigue levels. Having my heart rate also allows me to run at the right effort level and to maximize each of the sessions. Both of my Garmin devices are critical to keeping me on track by allowing me to compare workouts, to monitor my fatigue levels and to get the most out of each session using my heart rate, average speed, kilometer pace etc., which is all critical in helping me to become World class.

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