Jake’s Journal: If you’re running a fall marathon, we need to talk


NYC08 088405-training Forerunner310XT My virtual partner is bound to take this the wrong way. It's not that the little man inside my Forerunner hasn't always been there for me. He pushed me through the streets of Chicago, Kansas City, New York and San Diego, 26.2 miles at a time, never wavering from our agreed-upon pace even when I was surging or struggling. And now that he's joined forces with my Forerunner 310XT's vibration alerts, I get encouragement as often as I want during a race or training run. But I want more. That's where you come in.

Now that I'm set on running the Chicago Marathon in October, I need more training partners. Because even though Virgil (my virtual partner) keeps me honest while I'm running, I need motivation before and after. I already have one person on board. Chris, a good friend from college, is also training for Chicago with his Forerunner. And though he lives on the East coast, the sheer potential for smack talk if I can't hang with him come October is enough to get me out the door in the morning. Now we just need more company, more sources of that second wind. If you're running the Chicago Marathon – or New York, Marine Corps, KC or any of those great fall races – and you want to join our little support group, post a comment below or shoot me a note on Twitter at @jakesjournal. We'll share success stories via Garmin Connect, swap secrets for getting through the rough days, and we'll all have a little more fun in the process. And maybe I can even drum up a Garmin running tank for you to wear in your race. We'll start with the first dozen or so people to send me a note, and see how things go from there. To be honest, I'm just making this up as I go. The idea came to me this morning when I was hitting the snooze button repeatedly while Virgil was getting impatient downstairs.

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