Jake’s Journal: Getting fitter on Twitter


Edge305photo02 @nhangen Finally ordered a Garmin 305 and Cadence Sensor for my road bike…can’t wait to get that package.

@jonworth Time for a Chistmas Day run with new Garmin GPS watch. It combines sporting madness with geekery. Love it.

@JeffreyJDavis @ChristySeason u got your boy a garmin, too? it’s way cool, just mapped my 20 mile bikeride onto google earth, with speed, heartrate. cool

@KimAms I’m so stoked about the gift from @MarcAms. He gave me a Garmin Forerunner 405, a GPS watch that tells me how far I ran & my pace. Sweet!

@TobyGuillette Stoked to try out my new Garmin 405 tomorrow!!

@alinesjr just got done w/ 2 hours of Rock Band w/ friends after doing a 3.81 mile run (tracked with my new Garmin 305). I’m one tired puppy

@brownb6483 Enjoyed a great day with the family. Opening presents, playing with new toys (the Garmin Forerunner 305 is awesome), skating, fun!!!

@JeffreyJDavis Thinking that this Garmin GPS watch / heartrate monitor and Garmin Connect WebApp might actually help my workout motivation

@moopasta About to go test out my new garmin 405

405womanback @cstiehl My main present: a Garmin Forerunner 405. Oh yeah. Look it up, it’s awesome.

@andytheclark uploading today’s ride from my trusty Garmin 705. I L-O-V-E this thing! Treat yourself to one for Christmahaunakwanzaa…links to follow

@tomsherrod @stoney27 Garmin 405 sports/gps watch. The kids got Rock Band.

@berreyst Macbook Air, Garmin forerunner, and lots of winter bike clothes. #santabooty

@worldwidecycles Todays spin route profile , hr , elevation , and full details thanks to Garmin connect here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/1611255

@APiacente Playing with my new Garmin. Going to test it out on a 12 mile run tomorrow along with new shoes and new running glasses. No more excuses =)

@georgezack totally geeking out with the Garmin Forerunner and the Motion Based software (georgezack.motionbased.com) – WOW, this is cool

@cody_bunch Garmin Forerunner 405 FTW. 4h ride, 3k cals burnt FTW.

@gusano82 Got a Garmin 305 for Christmas!!

@red_tom 10k crosstraining run in 49:10 with 3.5k warmdown to blow out those Christmas cobwebs. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/1617772

@memartin Thinking about trying out my new garmin watch

@dougxbowers My new garmin forerunner gives me a large set of metrics that point to me being out of shape. Awesome.

@ 2UpDuc @willhilsman http://twitpic.com/x4h2 – Nice SRM.. Those arent cheap. I want one with the new Garmin GPS that the Chipotle team uses.

@sarahlerie Ran 2 miles in 17 hours and 6 minutes and felt good. A stressful day at work and my new garmin were motivation enough to finally get me

@qtipdf Set up my Garmin Edge 305 on the bike. Cool new toy to track my training, can’t wait to get out and use it.

@benteka @jonworth very inspiring to read about your new watch and training regime. I seriously have to look into a Garmin myself.

@brian72975  No time for the gym later so I had to take my running outside, made possible by the Garmin the Mrs. got me for Xmas

@ChadNorthrup During this morning’s run I tried out the Garmin Forerunner GPS watch that @katieon got me for Xmas. I thought I was much faster than this!

@kentdickson Digging my Garmin ForeRunner 405 GPS watch Yet I’ m finding that some of my normal running routes are not quite as long as I’d thought

Runner205@gkman Just back from a 5K training run w/ new Garmin Forerunner 305. very motivating! beautiful day for a run – 62F. Ice last week ?!?!?!

@bhlackey good news is that I am sitting here playing with my super sweet Garmin GPS gift for my bicycles today. you can always use more data.

@pklenck Wheee, Garmin 305 is on its way. Thanks, Santa.

@jvon49 @bhlackey My Garmin GPS does bike and walking!

@DavidTCopeland just finished a seventy minute run and now going to download the data from the garmin. After stopping for a big ol Sonic drink of course

@Hawaiirunner back from run addicted to my new Garmin hrt rate monitor and gps

@nhangen My Garmin 305 and Cadence Sensor should be here any day now…I can’t wait!

@autumnrizing I scored a Garmin Edge 305 for Christmas today!!!wooooooooot!

@babyloutattoo based on sales prices and availability, I am now the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 305 – a GPS-enabled trainer with Heart Rate Monitor!

@alinesjr 4.02 miles in 56:27 (14:02 avg pace). I am loving my new Garmin!

@glossyveneer @SoloRunner My main gift was a Garmin Forerunner 305. It’s so fun!

Oregontouch @kzenovka Ran up 2 mtns today & got 2 play with the garmin. Lots of ideas 4 incorporating it into classess – will have to spin geocaching somehow..

@jessroman Having fun playing around with Garmin Connect…whooo Google maps layovers! Cool heart rate graphs! Kid in candy shop!

@AricBecker Running some errands.. Grocery store, McD’s for dinner and hopefully have a package when I get home. New cyclocumputer, Garmin edge 305.

@his25 Got a Garmin 405 for xmas. I will be using it to train for Boston.

@kelownagurl @BrooklynBeast I have an Edge 305. It’s a bike garmin but I carry it when I run.

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