Jake’s Journal: Custom Maps another reminder to keep software updated


CustomMap_WorldUnit Estes58 A lot of people ask me for freebies. Here you go: Go get your Garmin. Update the software right now. You're at a computer – unless you're reading this on your phone, in which case I'll try to keep it short – so you don't have any excuses. Even if you just bought your Garmin yesterday, had it for years or will be opening it a month from
now, our engineers may have been working on new software while it sat
on a shelf, in your house or under the tree. Updating your software through my.Garmin.com is free, it's fast, it's easy and it makes your Garmin even better than before without costing a dime. And with as much as our engineers are able to pack into a software update, it should really be called a product upgrade. 

Take, for example, this week's news about Custom Maps. Simply by updating the software on your Garmin Oregon, Dakota or Colorado and following a few simple steps, you can now transform existing paper and digital maps into downloadable content to overlay onto your device. Visit garmin.com/CustomMaps to learn more about this process that maximizes the potential of your product. To get an idea of the other aspects that can be added or improved upon through software updates, check out the newest post at GPSFix.com. While it focuses on Custom Maps, the entry also rattles off the other new benefits of the latest software updates. And it's not just outdoor handhelds that show how great products can be made even better. My fellow bloggers Carl and Peg have shown how recent software updates can improve the Approach G5 golf GPS or the Forerunner family of fitness watches. And many of these improvements are based on customer feedback, so whether you're talking to clerks at a retail store, my colleagues at a trade show or me during a race (that's how I passed a couple miles of the Chicago Marathon last month), your feedback is being heard. But enough from me, you're supposed to be updating your software. You can thank me later.

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