Jake’s Journal: Accustomed to customizing my 405


Estes61 Most of the time I have a pretty short attention span. It's why I need at least two TVs with closed captioning and just the right music while running at the gym. It's why I can get persuaded to go golfing in the name of research for the Approach G5. And it's why I'm glad that my Forerunner 405 has customizable training screens. Because I want to see different data throughout my run, and because different workouts call have different needs.

For example, I just finished a track workout with my friend Josh, running 400s with a 400 recovery in between. So I didn't care about elapsed time or total distance (or maybe I just didn't want to know) once my 1 1/2 mile warmup was over and I was on the track. (Quick tangent: I also set up auto lap by position so that every quarter was automatically marked when I crossed the starting line.)  Fellow blogger Peg trained for her first marathon using Yasso 800s (a creation of our friend Bart Yasso from Runner's World), and she changed her second training screen to focus on lap time and average lap pace. But when race day rolls around, Peg and I want to know our average overall pace in addition to time, distance and our most recent mile split. And when I'm hiking, I want to add elevation, bearing and time of day. It's a good thing that there are three customizable training screens with up to three data fields on each. And that's in addition to the heart-rate page and virtual partner. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and Forerunner learning center to see the how-to videos on customizing your 405 and many other topics. We kept them quick and simple for people with a short attention span.

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