Jake and Peg (and 40 Garmin friends) hit the slick, snowy trails


Jon P Brad D Kristin B. Foolishly caved to office peer pressure. 8 miles in was wishing for a team of huskies to come drag me out, or at least up the last hills.
 Robert B. Awesome experience running through snow filled woods. Wonderful feeling when completed. Sore aftermath. NoteToSelf – train next year.
 Jon P. No other event I do each year hurts so good, when else do you have an excuse to screw your shoes. Can’t wait for next year, Mud, snow, rain?
 Nathan K. Nearly eating snow on each fall + jumping over/crawling under downed trees + struggling up the steep slippery slopes = My first trail race!
Rick V. Now I understand why they call this the Psycho Wyco run! It was nuts, but exciting and unique! Thank goodness for screwing my shoes!

PW2011Justin Bartel Bob B. Great race! Beautiful conditions. Once again my motto of start slow then taper pays off!
Charlie B. Trees can be helpful – just grab and swing around the turn. The hard part is deciding if the tree is thick enough to hold. #yardsale
David C. How can I program my Garmin 310 for Heart Rate ZONES 6-10? The toughest 10 miles around & still sore, but Psycho was GREAT fun!
Reid M. I now know why there is no such song called “Running in a Winter Wonder Land.” It would be a horrible song full of falling on snow covered rocks, pulling yourself up snow covered cliffs one tree at a time for ten miles.
Pascal L. Here is mine: “Oh my god, what was I thinking?”

Ryan Nathan Brad D. It really helps to train! I beat my time by 23 min this year and I can still walk! Loved those downhill sections.
Greg B. Psycho Wyco Haiku: The name says it all. Snow, ice, beards, frost…no control. My toes are still numb!
David H. Didn’t know hills like that existed in KS. Feet still haven’t forgiven me.
Brian B. I played the rolled ankle excuse at mile 2.5 and dropped from the race. #goodbyetrails #pavedracecourse #vibramfivefingers
David M. If anyone saw a bearded guy with a red hoodie bite it on a couple of down slopes, that was me, this newbie wishes he screwed his shoes.
David W. Beautiful day, snow pack the entire 10 miles made it interesting, glad I had screws in my shoes. Racer (dog) had 4WD so he was fine. Both of us are sore.

Marty Kurt Tom B. Why did I let @garmin talk me into this 4 years ago? Every year it’s too little running beforehand and can barely walk on Monday. #dontlistentojake #notarunner #ibuprofen
Kurt S. Distance: 31 miles. Climb: 4140 ft. Time: 6 hrs 20 min. Summing it up in 140 characters or less: Priceless.
Peg: Undertrained, overslept, underconsumed, overhydrated. Perfect for 20-mi ramble. Apologies to Jake for Peg’s bonking crankiness @ mi 17.5.
Jake: Note to Peg & Ryan: Keep chatting, I’ll keep #running. (Note to organizers: same thing but replace chatting with “making nutella roll-ups”)

Thanks everyone – especially Ben, Sophia and the Trail Nerds – for a great event. To get a better picture of the fun we had, check out action photos (such as the above pics) by Dick Ross at SeeKCRun.com.

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