Interns: In Action and On Location


Row_convertibel_2 As some of you might remember, one of our very own Blog Crew members (ahem, me!) recently had a birthday last week. And for those of you active bloggers that day, you might have noticed that my Blog Partner-In-Crime, Chet, ever so graciously posted a Happy Birthday Blog"tern" post while I was out of the office. However, in attempting his good deed of the day, Chet incorrectly referred to me as "Baby Jay." An honest mistake I’m sure (yeah, right…), but from now on, I think I’ll go by "Willie the Wildcat" instead! Furthermore, he was correct in letting you know that myself, and another intern from around these parts, were on location at a photo shoot for some exciting new Garmin products. We’ll go ahead and call her "Truman," and get rid of all this Baby Jay talk.

Courthouse_2Now that we have that all cleared up, on to the good stuff! Not only did we get to spend the day outside in beautiful downtown Kansas City, but we did it in style– in a Pontiac Solstice. Look for our photos to appear on various MyCast brochures, which can be found in Sprint stores across the country, as well as in Garmin Mobile brochures, too. In the near future, we will also be popping up on the Digital Cyclone web site.

So while other interns are off stuffing envelopes, making copies and fetching coffee, we’re off having the time of our lives, gaining invaluable experience as Garmin Interns.

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