“If it weren’t for my Garmin Forerunner….”


405womanback "…I wouldn't have just qualified for the Boston marathon by the last second." That's how the email from Kathleen Gorenc begins.

We're thrilled that she shared her success story of persevering and pacing with her Forerunner. Enjoy her inspirational note and send us an email with your own stories and testimonials for the Garmin blog.

"I needed a 3:40:59 to qualify…and I recently finished the Philadelphia marathon on 11/22/09 in 3:40:59. This was my third marathon and my third attempt to qualify, and I owe it all to Garmin!! I trained off my watch, my pacer on the watch and my miles per hour. I literally have a hard time going out for a run without it. Sometimes, even if the battery is dead, I still have to put it on to go for my runs (even though a lot of the distances I have memorized by now)! Many people many not understand it. The same reason many people don't understand why you "have to wear a certain pair of socks or chew a certain kind of gum"…but runners do. And runners would understand why, I can't go for a run without my running partner, my Garmin.

"I run because it makes the road my road, to see my strength and speed, and quite frankly because my watch hasn't told me it is time to stop. Life doesn't get much more reliable than that…." Thanks Garmin!!!

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