#HuntGarmin Spotlight: Meet Taylor Drury


Taylor Drury is widely recognized in the hunting industry as the daughter of Drury’s THIRTEEN host Mark Drury. Drury Outdoors is known for harvesting big bucks and its amazing television production. They use Garmin VIRB during all of their hunts, which assisted them in locking down the 2015 Golden Moose Award for Best Overall Production. Let’s meet Taylor – who is an accomplished hunter in her own right – to get an inside look at what it’s like to be a part of the Drury Outdoors hunting dynasty.


Garmin: Where do you attend college, and what are you majoring in?

Taylor Drury: I just finished up my sophomore year at Columbia College in Columbia, MO. I’m majoring in business marketing and I’ll also be minoring in real estate and social media. I mainly just take evening courses, which allows me to have more time when it comes to my hunting schedule. I’m also running social media full-time for Drury Outdoors, so it gives me more time to focus on that as well.

Garmin: What are your hardest classes in college right now?

Taylor: Next fall, I’ll be taking accounting courses, and micro and macroeconomics. So those are definitely my hardest coming up. I love the marketing side of things, but not so much the math side of it! But hey, you have to do it!

Garmin: Do you participate in any extracurricular school activities or clubs?

Taylor: I pretty much just strictly go there for class. I’m usually traveling for either Drury Outdoors commitments or at the farm during either deer or turkey season. With summer coming up, I’ll be at the farm doing a lot of fishing, and working on social media 24/7! 

Garmin: Do you ever take any of your friends hunting or fishing, and if so, has anything funny ever happened?

Taylor: I graduated in the city, and my graduating class was well over 300 people. Hunting was by no means a common activity for anyone where I grew up, especially girls. It was kind of foreign to them just because not many people grew up around it, but I’ve introduced a few friends to hunting throughout the years. I’ve definitely helped inform a few friends about hunting. Coming from the city, it’s just a little bit different. It’s definitely important for the future of hunting to inform people about it, though. I’m trying to get all my girlfriends into it – we need some more female hunters out there!

Garmin: What do you love most about hunting and being outdoors?

Taylor: Hunting has always been a part of my family’s lifestyle. The majority of my morals, values, and life lessons have come from hunting and being outdoors. The bond that I have with my family, especially my dad, because that’s who I’ve been hunting with since I was a kid, has really shaped me into who I am today and what I see myself as in the future. It’s definitely an aspect of life that I’m very thankful to have and I look forward to passing it on someday. I was never a kid to just sit inside and play; I was always wanting to go outside and Dad was always teaching me about hunting and letting my knowledge of the outdoors grow, and I think that’s very important.


Garmin: What is your most memorable hunting memory from growing up?

Taylor: I don’t know if I can pinpoint one, just because they are all so special and important. Growing up, I was always hunting with my dad, riding four-wheelers, and target practicing with guns. I remember going out and striking for turkeys when I was a little girl and he was helping me learn how to use a box call and slate call. Ultimately, all of these awesome memories led up to the passion I now have for hunting and the outdoors.

Keep your eyes on @garminfishhunt for next week’s article with Taylor, when she tells us about harvesting her biggest buck to date.

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