How do the pros set up their electronics?


It’s always interesting to compare how the best bass anglers in the world set up their electronics to suit their needs and fishing styles. Here are a few things we noticed this morning as Garmin pros Casey Scanlon (left) and Jason Christie (right) headed out for Day 3 of the Bassmaster Elite Series event on a flooded Mississippi River:

-Both pros run two units in the back/driver position (one for mapping/navigation, the other for SideVü, DownVü, etc.). This allows them to maximize the pixel space, and ultimately gives them the clearest, easiest-to-read view of what their Garmin units are showing them.

-Scanlon runs two GPSMAP 7610xsv units in the back, and this week is running just one 7608xsv in front (he’s opted not to run his Panoptix in the super-shallow slop of the muddy Mississippi). One of Scanlon’s 7610s is console-mounted, the other is mounted on the starboard gunwale – personal preference, Scanlon just likes the visibility of the slightly turned screen better than a flush side-by-side console mount.

-Christie, though, prefers his 7612xsv units to be right in front of him as he drives. He also prefers the ever-so-slight clearance advantage the double console mount gives him when he’s fishing back in the thickest, gnarliest of cover versus having one unit on his gunwale. You’ll notice that Christie is running both of his 7610s up front this week, which means he’s taking advantage of the best viewability of what his Panoptix is showing him.

Share with us how you prefer your electronics to be set up – are you in fresh or saltwater? When sharing on social, be sure to check out Garmin Fish & Hunt on social media and share your fishing photos with us using #FishGarmin.

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