GTN Tricks, Tips and Shortcuts Series: Part 3


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We’re back again this week with tips to help you navigate your GTN touchscreen avionics so you can access the information you need even faster! In Part 2 of our series last week, we discussed a handful of shortcuts that you can take advantage of while flight planning. Today, we’re going to highlight a few features that will help you get the most out of your GTN and its COM capabilities so finding the appropriate frequency information is easier than ever before!

Taking advantage of the auto tune feature within the GTN series makes frequency entry fast and easy (and ensures you don’t make a costly mistake!) There are a number of ways to get to frequency information for any particular airport or NAVAID, but here are a few unique ways you may not be familiar with: 

Streamline Frequency Input

With an active flight plan entered, from the Home page, select Waypoint Info > Airport > Frequencies. This page will automatically display the appropriate frequency information for your destination airport. Simply touch any of the frequencies listed to automatically send them to the Standby Frequency Window.


Familiarize Yourself with ‘Find’

Let’s say you make a last-minute flight plan change enroute and divert to the nearest airport for lunch. There are a number of ways to quickly access the information you need but in this case, it’s no more than four taps away. Select the Standby Frequency Window > Find > Nearest > and (in this case) Multiple FREQ to get a list of the frequencies appropriate for that airport. Note: you may also access recent frequencies, those associated with your flight plan or even designate user-defined frequencies all from the Find button. Again, touching any frequency will send it to the Standby Frequency Window. 

GTN NRST Airport

Stay ahead of the airplane

If you find yourself on an IFR flight plan frequently and are in the enroute phase getting transferred from one Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) to another… and then another, leverage the GTN and its capabilities to anticipate which frequency you might get transferred to next! From the home page, select Nearest > ARTCC and within this page, you’ll find which Center you are geographically closest to, your bearing to/from it and, you guessed it – the frequency! This is a quick and easy way to be one step ahead of the airplane and the air traffic controller.

These are just a few ways to input frequency information within the GTN faster and easier than you ever! On your next flight, try your hand at one or two of these streamlined tips so you can get back to the task at hand – enjoying the flight!  

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