Grousing Around in Minnesota


Cover1Cover3In these thick woods, it’s standard protocol to give a shout a couple times every minute, so that your hunting buddies and dogs know where you are.  Another way to keep in contact (one that definitely spooks fewer grouse) is by using the Rino 530, which lets you pinpoint the location of everyone in your hunting party with the push of a button — and maintain safe shooting zones.  The FRS/GMRS radios also allow voice communication — an asset when you need to hassle your buddy for missing that easy shot.Dt

While walking these forests is physically taxing for the hunter, it’s even more difficult for the hunting dogs we follow.  Tomorrow, we’ll show you exactly HOW taxing it is… so stay tuned!

p.s. One other thing — having a dependable automotive GPS is vital for hunting, too — our favorite unit is the GPSMAP 378, which offers real-time, graphical XM Weather.  Knowing what the weather is doing (and more importantly what it’s going to do) is a HUGE benefit to a hunter, especially during the crazy Minnesota fall — our temps dipped from 80 degrees and sun to 28 degrees and snow in just a couple of days!


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