GPSMAP 76S survives run in (and over) with a car


I honestly didn’t even realize that I had driven over my GPS unit at the time, and I got out of the car expecting to find that I had run over a brick (or some other equally inconsequential item) in the driveway. I was greatly disappointed when I saw my GPS laying in front of my tire on the pavement. Although this unit was being stored in a soft-sided nylon case, this case is not really padded in any way, and certainly wasn’t designed to protect the product from anything more than the most minor abuse.

When I opened the carrying case I was surprised to see that my GPS unit had not been completely destroyed (I expected that it would have been crushed and/or cracked). I was also shocked to see that the screen appeared undamaged, and the only mark on the unit was a small (and very superficial) scratch near the antenna area on the unit’s case. I immediately turned the GPS on, and was surprised to see that the unit still functioned normally. The device quickly acquired a satellite fix, and the backlight functioned just as it always had.

Given that I had originally purchased this GPS unit for use during sea kayaking trips, I was well aware of the fact that it is designed to float. Because I had just driven over this device with a car, I was also concerned that the integrity of the case may have been compromised during my unplanned quality control test. However, as you can see in the picture I attached, my GPS unit is still functioning normally – even while it floats in a sink full of water, after being run over by nearly 3,000 lbs worth of vehicle!

In my opinion, that’s pretty impressive for an 8-year-old precision electronic device! Thanks for making a great product, and I’ll be sure to look to Garmin again as I begin to shop for a vehicle-based GPS system!

Thanks, Kevin, for sharing this great story! To learn more about our other rugged and waterproof marine handheld products, visit the On The Water section of

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