GPSMAP 496 and a 65 mph crash landing


I swerved back to the breakdown lane, and managed to back up to the scene of the crime. It was rush hour, and I decided getting across to the median (where the pieces lay), would be dicey. Getting back would be worse, plus I figured someone would see me in the highway and have an accident, so I called the state police. A trooper pulled up and looked at me skeptically when he heard my story: "Don't you think it's in pieces?" I said maybe not-it's pretty rugged, is built for helicopters, and cost over $2000. At this, his expression changed, and off he went, backwards in the breakdown lane. After about a quarter mile, he lit up and zoomed across all three lanes, picked up the pieces, and zoomed back. He was one big smile as he handed it to me: "Chris-you're in luck!" He had already powered it up and read my name on the screen! It worked!

The bean bag base was pretty busted up, and the clamps were history, but the main case had only scratches, and worked fine! Not bad for a 65 mph crash landing!! Garmin is now my friend for life!

Thanks to Garmin for a success story that saved me a lot of money!

Chris Y.
Newton Center, MA

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