Give-a Garmin, Day 14


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I drive about 45,000 miles a year as an OSHA Consultant in and around the Carolinas and the East Coast. I have discovered that my nuvi has been saving me miles and gasoline. It has taken me from one point to another by ways and roads that I would never have used if I were using the old fashion road map.  Some of these roads are not even shown on regular road maps, It has also saved me time because I do not have to do any research on how to get from where I am to where I need to go. You need to make ads for TV that show the attributes of saving gasoline – time and money. I paid over $1,000 for my nuvi and it has really paid off. Today it took me between two points 27 miles apart within my own area through roads I did not know would connect me. Without the nuvi I would have driven several more miles and it would have taken me more time and gasoline to get there.

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