Give-a Garmin, Day 1


Pb150497I ventured off into the thick Maine wilderness.  I tracked my route
through Maine’s lush woods and waterways on a mission.  I was searching
for a rock, a huge rock. My friends had found this boulder at an
earlier time, but had a hard time located it again.  Mapping it’s
location was my goal.  It took almost a whole day of trekking through
mud, water and thick brush.  Passing bear, moose and deer tracks around
every corner, going solo was not the smartest idea.  However, being
experienced using the features of my 60Csx, I had the confidence
knowing that no matter how tough the trip got, I could always get
home.  This really makes the difference between enjoying your
surroundings instead worrying about them. I found the rock.  Mapped and
marked it.  And found my way back to the cabin to a dry bed and a warm

Thanks again Garmin for allowing me to enjoy this earth and help some friends!

ps. I included a picture of the rock. N45 17.069 W69 49.029

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