Getting Your Fix


At Garmin, we’re always hard at work making sure our customers are able to make the most of their Garmin devices. An example of this commitment is evident with our Mapping Feedback Form. It was created to allow users to submit revisions directly to us. As roads, routes, and points of interest continue to change, we work to manage this always-shifting amount of information. The Mapping Feedback Form allows Garmin users to report missing roads or new points of interest. Once feedback is submitted, a report is sent to our staff cartographers for review. Depending on the request, it’s sent to one of Garmin’s mapping vendors. As you can imagine, we partner with quite a few content providers. Whether it’s a just-opened restaurant in the area or new subdivision across town, we work to ensure the right information is sent to the right people. Our content providers are just as committed as we are. Often, a mapping vendor will assign a driver to visually (and electronically) verify updates. Mile after mile is driven to ensure that the maps are as up-to-date as possible. 

Of course, none of this would even be possible without all of you. So to those of you who have submitted requests in the past and continue to do so today, we thank you for your efforts. Your assistance helps us make a better product for everyone.

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