Garmin VIRB Ultra 30: Voice Commands


Look Ma, No Hands! It’s compact, lightweight, waterproof, and easier than ever to use. Our new VIRB Ultra 30 action camera captures stunning 4K-quality video, and can do it hands-free. A new voice control function allows you to start and stop recording, or take a picture with a simple spoken command. With winter just around the corner and the gloves coming out, we thought we’d share a quick and easy explanation on the voice control and how you can shoot your next adventure hands-free.

Action cameras are often mounted out of reach or where we’re unable to use our hands to control them. That’s why the VIRB Ultra 30 voice control feature with simple commands such as “start recording” or “take a picture” makes it easy to operate the camera when your hands simply aren’t available. You can even tell VIRB Ultra 30 to “remember that,” prompting the camera to tag footage that’s easily recallable later. All you have to do is say, “Ok Garmin,” to activate the voice command feature, then tell the camera what to do.


Once you’ve said, “OK Garmin,” you’ll see the camera’s LED light flash green as verification that it understood the command.  After the first LED recognition blink, you can say the desired command and the camera will blink again. The camera needs to be powered on for the commands to work, and voice command functions are only recognizable in English.

The “OK Garmin” commands are below:

“Take a picture”: Takes a photo using whatever photo settings you have configured
“Start recording”: Starts recording according to your video recording settings
“Stop recording”: Stops recording your video
“Remember that”: Marks a highlight in your video that the VIRB Edit software apps will recognize


Adventure is everywhere and we hope this has inspired you to get outside and collect some great moments this fall and winter. Don’t forget to share your outdoor adventures with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and use hashtag #GarminVIRB.

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