Garmin’s Oshkosh News – G500, G3X, G600 with SVT, GTS traffic system and more!


Garmin G3X_Panel_Image-sm  We decided to kick off the opening day of  EAA AirVenture Oshkosh with more than half-a-dozen new product announcements – everything from cell phone based products to new products for experimental and certified aircraft to industry leading traffic systems.  Here’s a quick overview, and we’ll have lots of posts throughout the week to explain each of these in more detail. 

    * GTS 800 series traffic systems: The GTS 800, GTS 820 and GTS 850 are fully TSO certified TAS and TCAS I systems. The GTS series combines active and passive surveillance data to pinpoint specific traffic threats. They use Garmin CLEAR CAS technology and correlates ADS-B and radar targets for most accurate picture of the sky.

    * G500: The G500 is a new PFD/MFD for Part 23 Class I and II
aircraft. It is similar to the G600 but it is only for Class I and II
(not III). It is $15,995. SVT and GAD 43 (keep reading to discover what the GAD 43 is!) are options for the G500.

Garmin G600 SVT with background-sm    * “Enhanced” G600 with SVT and GAD 43: SVT and GAD 43 autopilot interface are now standard equipment on G600. The new G600 will continue to be priced at $29,995.  Current G600 customers will receive a SVT upgrade, and a greatly reduced price on the GAD 43. The G600 is a PFD/MFD for Part 23 Class I, II and III aircraft

    * GAD 43: The GAD 43 is a new adapter unit that offers enhanced autopilot interface capabilities for the G500 and G600 flight display systems, allowing attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) to provide attitude information to selected autopilots in place of a costly-to-maintain attitude direction indicator (ADI) or remote vertical gyro (VG). The GAD 43 lets aircraft owners remove the existing ADI or attitude gyro, such as the familiar KI-256, and replace it on the panel with a smaller and more affordable attitude indicator as the backup instrumentation.

    * G3X: The G3X is a new non-TSO’d glass cockpit for retrofit installation in LSA and experimental/kitbuilt. It features customizable EFIS with 1-3 all-glass displays, magnetometer, ADAHRS, engine monitoring and temp probe. It has a starting price of $9,995.

Pilot My-Cast by Garmin_iPhone     * Pilot My-Cast by Garmin iPhone app: Pilot My-Cast by Garmin’s aviation weather and flight filing will be available this Fall on the iPhone. In addition, Pilot My-Cast by Garmin has expanded its content for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to include airport diagrams, STARs, SIDs, etc.The new BlackBerry and Windows Mobile info is available now, and is expected to be added to the iPhone in the future.

    * 100,000th GNS delivery: Garmin is celebrating the delivery of over 100,000 GNS 400/500 series products. Approximately half of all U.S. single and twin-engine piston and turbine aircraft have a GNS 400/500 series product installed.


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