Garmin’s G500 takes Oshkosh by storm


IMG_4193 The G500 is our newest PFD/MFD combination and it has Oshkosh buzzing. Everyone is amazed at its capability and its low price of only $15,995. If you haven't heard about the G500 yet, you need to stop by the Garmin booth (Hangar D) or at a minimum visit the G500 mini site to learn more. The G500 is a PFD/MFD combination that lets you replace your aircraft's steam gauges with all glass. It's designed specifically for Part 23 Class I and II aircraft (single and twins under 6,000 lbs).

The MFD provides pilots with a clear, concise picture of where they are relative to terrain and airspace, as well as weather and traffic with optional equipment. And of course, it includes some of our latest and greatest technology like SafeTaxi's detailed diagrams of over 900 airports so you can navigate unfamiliar taxiways with ease. Garmin FliteCharts is also available and it allows you to quickly find and view all NACO DP's, STARs, approach charts, and airport diagrams on the MFD.

Plus, the really cool part is that the G500 has the capability to have a scaled version of Garmin's SVT or GAD 43. SVT shows a 3D depiction of terrain, obstacles and traffic on the PFD so that the avionics panel replicates what pilots would see outside the cockpit on a clear day. The GAD 43 is something we'll talk about in future posts, but it's an autopilot interface adapter that lets you have the same ultra-reliable digital AHRS data driving the G500 display to serve as your autopilot’s primary attitude reference. This typically eliminates the need to retain a gyro-mechanical ADI as your autopilot reference for the G500 glass cockpit.

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