Garmin Products Created for Your Adventures and Ours


  eDunesTrex 10 spent the day mounted onto my Storm Trooper's handlebars (my ATV was black and white) fighting tidal waves of sand, 35 plus mph wind gusts, rooster tails, shredding, the dull thud of unexpected jumps, and the occasional mis-navigation into a thicket of bushes. While extremely versatile, I only brought it along for two reasons: 1) to overcome the fact that I'm navigationally challenged by marking the location of our creepy rental house, and 2) to display "Max Speed" to see if I could break 50 mph. Last time out I was separated from the group near dusk and had to use aETrex10 light tower to navigate home. Since I'm genetically predisposed to losing my bearings, that was scarier than staring down a 75 foot sand dune with the engine idling. With our house coordinates saved as a waypoint in my eTrex 10, I was reassured to know that wherever I found myself, regardless of the time of day (or night), I'd be able to safely navigate back.  IMGP2957

That evening at the rental house, after cleaning up and grabbing some food, I  powered up my eTrex 10  to go over our stats. With sand everywhere imaginable – I wore a bandana over my mouth to avoid eating it throughout the day – I was excited to find that eTrex 10 made it out unscathed. No sand in the USB port, no scratches on the display, no difference fIMGP2963rom earlier that morning, other than the fact that it now had an awesome story to share with other GPS devices. The final stats: 10 hours on the dunes, 48.4 miles traversed, almost 4,000 feet of ascent and descent, with a top speed clocking in at…wait for it…47.9 mph. So close! Guess that means we'll need to make this a bi-annual event. 


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