Garmin Pilot: Expanded Integration and Features


Our Garmin Pilot team introduced new enhancements and features within the aviation app, highlighted by expanded integration including pre-departure clearances (PDCs) and the ability to submit Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) manifests. Additionally, route suggestions and optimized routings are now available on and can be viewed within Garmin Pilot. For our European users, Garmin Pilot incorporates a robust VFR data set including airport traffic patterns, entry routing lines, TMZ/RMZ airspaces and more.  Pilots flying IFR can manually enter or edit a route in Garmin Pilot for validation and filing via EuroControl. Premium Service Integration

Flight plans can now be seamlessly synchronized between Garmin Pilot and With Garmin Pilot version 9.7, pilots with subscriptions to PDCs and eAPIS from can use these premium services within Garmin Pilot.

To get started:

  • Enter your credentials from the home screen main menu icon, or by selecting in Settings
  • Import your Pilot and Aircraft profiles into Garmin Pilot

Remember that all flight plans created or changed on will automatically be synchronized with Trip Planning in Garmin Pilot.

  • After modifying a trip in Garmin Pilot, select Save or File to send the changes to
  • flight plans may be activated in Garmin Pilot premium services integration

Pre-Departure Clearances*

Pre-departure clearances (PDCs) are text clearances issued for an IFR flight plan available at over 70 airports in the United States. A PDC is the same as receiving a verbal clearance from Clearance Delivery.

PDCs include:

  • Filed Route
  • Amendments to your route
  • Cleared Altitude
  • Transponder code
  • Departure Frequency
  • Any Special instructions

For flights departing from airports where PDCs are available, Garmin Pilot will display the pre-departure clearance 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

PDCs are available from:

  • Trip Planning Page
    • Detailed PDC will be displayed
    • View the decoded route and associated notes in its entirety
    • Select either:
      • Confirm & Activate Decoded Route
      • Activate Original Filed Route
    • Once confirmed, the PDC will appear at the top of the Trip Plan
  • Map Page in Split Screen Mode
    • Select from the Split Screen Selector Guide
    • Tap PDC to view the pre-departure clearance
  • Notification on the home screen of your iPad.
    • Tap the notification to open the Trip Planning page
Pre-Departure Clearances

Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS)*

Garmin Pilot allows users with an eAPIS premium service from to enter and upload passenger and crew manifests to Customs and Border Protection.

For flights departing from the United States to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, a message will appear on the Trip Planning page in Garmin Pilot to notify users that a manifest is required.

  • Tap eAPIS and select Create/Modify Manifest
  • Enter the appropriate passenger and crew information as you would on
  • Choose Submit to upload the information to Customs and Border Protection

Once the manifest has been successfully submitted, a confirmation message will appear on the Trip Planning page.


Route Suggestions & Optimized Routing route suggestions and optimized routing are available in Garmin Pilot, by:

  • Selecting View Routes from the Trip Planning Page
  • Choose either Preferred Routes to view the route suggestions or Optimized Routes

*Note:  PDCs and eAPIS are premium service subscriptions available from  To learn more, select the “Premium Services” tab on

Optimized Routing

Widget Display Enhancements on Moving Map

When using the radial menu on the moving map, the widgets may now be moved to allow pilots to easily view airspaces, airport information, weather and more.

European VFR Data

To support the unique needs of VFR pilots flying the Europe, Garmin Pilot incorporates VFR navigation data, including:

  • Airport Traffic Patterns
  • Airport Entry Routing Lines
  • Enroute Holding Patterns
  • FIS areas and frequencies
  • TMZ/RMZ airspaces
  • Nature Conservation Areas
  • General Purpose Airspace
  • Avoid Overflying Areas

VFR data may be displayed on the Garmin dynamic maps by selecting VFR from the map layer icon on the Map page.

Note:  European VFR navigation data is available with the Garmin Pilot Europe Standard and Worldwide Premium subscriptions.

European VFR Data

European IFR Autorouting Improvements

The European IFR autorouting feature has been enhanced to allow pilots to manually enter or edit a route in Garmin Pilot for validation and filing via EuroControl.

  • From the Trip Planning Page, select Autoroute
  • Tap Enter Manual IFR Route to input the desired routing
  • Choose Autoroute

Note:  European IFR Autorouting is available with the Garmin Pilot Europe Premium Add-on and Worldwide Premium subscriptions.

Support for GNC 355 GPS Navigator

We recently announced the GNC 355 GPS navigator with LPV approach capabilities and a 10W Comm radio for Part 23 Class I/II and experimental/amateur-built aircraft. 

Garmin GNC 355

The GNC 355 wirelessly transfers flight plans and streams weather, traffic, GPS position and backup attitude via built-in Connext technology to Garmin Pilot.

For more information about Garmin Pilot and visit our website,

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