Garmin Fit App Introduces New LiveTrack Feature


I'm sure there will be situations where you might not be sure exactly how long you will be out on a race course or a training session, and for these cases we give you the flexibility to customize the length of the tracking session (up to 12hrs). Your sessions are private and will be seen by only those who you share the link with.IMG_0098

LiveTrack can be activated directly from your smartphone for only $1.99 per month or $19.99 for an annual subscription by using the Garmin Fit app.

As with any App that uses GPS, you'll want to remember to set up your phone in advance to get the most of your battery. Try some of these easy steps to enhance your Fit App and LiveTrack experience:

How can I extend the battery life of my phone when using the Garmin Fit smartphone app?

If you plan to use the Garmin Fit smartphone app for an extended period of time, it could cause shorter than normal battery life. Following one or more of these steps when using the LiveTrack feature will be beneficial.

The following tips can help to extend your phones battery life while using the app:

  • Turn off the screen1
  • Lowering the brightness level is also effective if you do not wish to turn the screen off during use2
  • Turn off Wi-Fi2
  • Turn off Bluetooth2
  • Disable any additional apps that may run in the background or auto-sync

1 Tap the power button on the phone to turn off the screen, but do not power the phone off. The Garmin Fit app will continue to run with the screen off.

2 Consult your phones manual for instructions on changing these settings.

Screenshot-Michel Kreder (Training Camp) - Google Chrome

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