Garmin Connect: Optimize performance by updating device and upload software


ANT Agent

  • Resolved communication problems during uploads when the device has old
    firmware installed.
  • Improved communication of general upload errors.
  • Improvements updating device firmware.
  • Added ability to automatically find and download software updates.
  • Added improved user interface for fitness activity transfers to Garmin
  • Added multiple languages.

Garmin Connect Plugin

  • Open JavaScript API, and available for use with other sites.
  • Correctly report an error when a file download fails because of a lack of
    space on the device.
  • Added a property to allow web sites to retrieve fitness data in compressed
    format. (That means uploads are faster!)

Need another reason to keep your device firmware, ANT Agent, or Garmin
Communicator Plugin up to date? By maintaining the latest software on your
device and your computer, you actually help yourself along with the entire
Garmin Connect community by ensuring faster uploads that don’t tax the rest of
the system. When you run the latest software you can be assured that the system
is running as it is meant to run for the latest release.

Updated ANT Agent:

ANT Agent Updates and Downloads – PC

ANT Agent Updates and Downloads – MAC

Updated Garmin Communicator Plugin:

Garmin Communicator Plugin – PC

Garmin Communicator Plugin – MAC

Device firmware updates can be found at under Product Parent (IE Into Sports, On the Trail) -> Group -> Device -> Software

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