Garmin Connect: Let’s go over the new Details page


Summary - Toggles Summary Data. We added a lot to the Summary Data. For starters, we added the often requested, and long anticipated, Edit Summary Data feature. Clicking the Pencil icon in the right hand corner of the Summary box takes you to the edit page where you can update one or all of the metrics. You can even add metrics if something is missing. For instance, if you have an HR monitor that is separate from your Garmin device, you can add your HR data to your activity. Once the updated metrics are saved, you'll see a note in the Additional Info box stating that summary data is edited. One note: once the summary data has been updated, you will not be able to revert back to the original data.

Included in the Summary Info are some great toggle buttons that will allow you to get more out of your activities. The Pace/Speed toggle lets you see any activity in the metric you prefer without having to change the Activity Type. We also added a toggle for heart rate. Now you can quickly move between BPM/%Max/Zone metrics.

Also updated is the Time. Moving Time is now reported for your activities. Avg Moving Speed/Pace is based off the Moving Time value.

Map. The Map view has also had a little facelift. Notice the Laps check box in the right hand corner? Check that and you'll be met with lap markers that coincide with the laps you made on your device, in the new laps section of the Details page and your Splits page. In case you missed the blog post of the Earth View, check it out. It's a fantastic offering from the guys at Google.

More Tools Updated Sharing. Just below the Map you'll notice some new and old tools. Some you're already familiar with. You can still Share your Public activities on social networking sites and email activities to friends. Google Earth, Export and Send to Device are still available. What was added? We answered the call for those of you who like to print out your data to keep a hard copy of your training log. The updated Printable Design provides you with a fantastic copy, complete with your metrics choices, map and charts. You'll also notice the Embed button. Now you can add your Public activities to your website or blog. Simply click the button, copy the code and paste it to your site.

Laps Charts Laps. We added the Laps chart directly to the Details page for a quick-glance view. Click the View Splits toggle button to be taken to the Splits page for further analysis.

Charts. For awhile, you've been asking for updated Charts. We delivered with an updated layout so you can see all your metrics at once. We also added analysis features so you can get more from your data. View any metric against Time or Distance by selecting either from the drop-downs. See the Average Time by checking the Average check box. Zoom in or out on any chart for a closer look. This is a great way to delve in to the elevation chart. Remember the Pace/Speed and Heart Rate toggles? Changing those will also affect your charts, so you can analyze your data till the back-of-the-packers come home!

Elevation Corrections. Elevation Corrections are now available for all activities. Elevation Corrections are enabled on all of your activities recorded on non-barometric altimeter devices.  Activities recorded on devices with a barometric altimeter generally contain accurate elevation data. Elevation Corrections are disabled by default on these activities.

Additional Info Additional Information.
Finally, the Additional Information box shows details of your device (if used), provides the toggle for Elevation Corrections and lets you know if the activity has been edited.

We always update the FAQs. Have more questions or want even more details on the new features? Check out the updated FAQs on the Activity Details.

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