Garmin Connect helps Jenna’s coaches monitor her training remotely.


I upload my run data via my Garmin Connect account so that my coaches and doctor, who are not here in Santa Monica with me, can monitor my interval paces as well how my heart rate coordinates with it across all of my sessions, easy and hard. The numbers are critical for them to have so that they can create and modify my workouts. It also lets me see how I am progressing.

I have also been logging plenty of time on my bike, using my Garmin Edge 500. Here’s a 73-mi bike ride I did along the Pacific Coast Highway. Check it out with the map player function in Garmin Connect and relive every mile of the ride. I upload and send my bike sessions to my coaches as well. Now that I am training remotely, and not under the constant watch of a coach, having my Forerunner 110 and Edge 500 is critical for me. By using both of my Garmin devices, I have very hard data on where my fitness levels are and where I may have weaknesses and things to work on. It also helps me to monitor my fatigue levels so that I know when to back off and let my body recover.

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