Garmin aids murder investigation


We love hearing stories and testimonials from our customers – especially when we hear how a product has impacted your life, or the life of others. That’s why when this amazing story came in, we had to share. Here is what Detective Lieutenant A.P. wrote in: I am a detective in North Carolina. I recently took the lead on a seven-year-old murder case in my county. The investigation resulted in a murder warrant on a man from a nearby county. The problem I faced was that we thought the murder suspect had moved to the Gulfport, Mississippi area.

LfhighAnother Detective and I drove 11 hours and met up with Gulfport police who provided us with some potential leads. For the first couple days every lead was a dead end. Then some new information came in that suggested our suspect could be living in the area near the state line between Mississippi and Louisiana. I did not have an exact address but decided that I would not give up on the suspect. I stopped at a local Best Buy and purchased a Garmin nüvi GPS system. Using the GPS we were able to locate multiple addresses of friends and family of the suspect.

Being able to locate these addresses was very helpful in my investigation. While I was knocking on doors in another state, my co-worker in North Carolina was able to obtain a cell phone number for the suspect and then determined real-time latitude and longitude on the suspect’s cell phone. I was able to punch in the lat. and long. and the Garmin gave me turn-by-turn directions to a trailer park. As we pulled through the park the Garmin told us we arrived, and we saw the suspect’s vehicle. Assisted by the local police and Garmin, we knocked on the door and located the suspect. He was taken into custody without incident.

When we got back home, my Sheriff was so impressed with my story about how the suspect was found, that he mentioned it to the local reporter. The story, including how I used the Garmin, ended up in papers in both North Carolina and Louisiana.

Thank you for a product that does what it says it will do. The Garmin device aided me in locating a murder suspect from 2001.

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