Fusion Fitness Guest Blog – 4 Tips to Continuously Beat Yesterday



#BeatYesterday. We just love the idea of carrying this theme with us each day.

At Fusion Fitness, we preach to our clients the importance of living in gratitude and setting daily intentions to reflect being thankful, proactive and in charge of your life. Physical fitness is a tangible way to develop these habits –  we all bloom in the positive effects of daily activity. From the productivity of our internal organs (lower standing heart rate, less bloating, brighter skin, etc.) to our moods and happiness (runner’s high, less stress, general boost in happiness, etc.), habitual exercise offers endless satisfaction.

Regardless of our relationship with fitness and food in the past, let’s focus on creating goals today. Below are four suggestions to find the why, the how, and the oomph to develop a continual desire to #BeatYesterday.

Discover Your Goal Motivation

Why do you want to lose weight? What’s giving you the itch to try your first marathon? We all have a little cheerleader in our heads, pressing us towards some far-off goal that seems crazy at first but keeps nagging at us. You’re ready to silence the “too hard” or “too scary” excuses when your reasons for change begin to outweigh your reasons to remain in the same spot – and it’s your job to go for it. Write these reasons down, and use them as motivation anytime you need an extra push.

Empower Yourself with the Right Tools 

While imagining your overall long-term goal, decide on a timeline for daily, monthly, and yearly goals. Create to-do lists that allow you to visibly track your progress in the increments you need, and actively seek out the tools and education you need to stay on track. Take advantage of all that’s out there – we use Garmin Connect as a way to follow the progress of anything from our calories burned to our heart rate zones to miles ran, and more. It connects directly with our fave Forerunner 235 watch, and we especially appreciate the wrist-based heart monitor – no more sweaty, slippery chest bands! Working out is hard enough, we love not having to do the math by simply logging in to see how far we’ve come and where we’re headed tomorrow.

Get Your Head in the Game

Adopt a mantra and use it when you’re struggling. One of our favorite mantras to repeat during a tough interval series or to get us out of bed for a 5 a.m. class is “every minute counts.” We love to spread the idea (and the grace that accompanies it) that no minute spent in action is done in vain. Taking the stairs or parking your car in the farthest parking spot? Saying no the the third cookie, even though you just ate two? It all matters in the pursuit of your goals.

We created a 6-DVD set of 30-minute videos, the Sweat Lab Series, specifically to help clients fend off the excuse we hear too often – “there was no point in working out when I only had ten minutes so I just skipped it.” We know the mood-boosting, mind-clearing, complete cleansing and refreshing relief of complete momentary focus on challenging our breath and movement – is worth it no matter how many minutes you spend.

This year we have taken it a step further and developed our favorite new project, the Sweat Lab YouTube Fit in 5 videos. These 5-minute, body-specific workouts can be done alone or in combination right at home, even when the kids are wrestling and you have five minutes before you have to hop in the shower. Trust us, we promise you’ll break a sweat and understand what we mean with ‘every minute counts.’

Be Intentional

Ask yourself: When/what/where are my biggest temptations to quit or give into cravings? When/what/where gives me the most inspiration to press on? Do what you need to guide yourself through these times with the most positive outcome. Practicing self-discipline, overcoming obstacles, staying true to your goal motivation and feeling the amazing physical and mental results leads to the desire to do it again. To create the next goal because you’ve found you have the perseverance and ability to do what you want, and make the changes you want to make. Before long you start to crave that sense of accomplishment and by then, you can’t be stopped.

Today marks the beginning of another 1,440 minutes – how can you be more intentional with yours to #BeatYesterday?


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