#FishGarmin Spotlight: Clark Wendlandt – Part 1



Clark Wendlandt is one of the most accomplished anglers in the fishing industry. He has won three FLW Tour Angler of the Year titles and has thirty-six top 10 FLW finishes to date. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the most consistent anglers of all-time.  

Garmin: You’re the 3-time FLW Tour Angler of the Year – How do you strategize for winning an AOY title as opposed to just swinging for the fences and taking risks at every tournament? 

Clark: Every tournament, you want to try to win, but in professional bass fishing, you’re striving for consistency. Usually the most consistent angler ends up winning Angler of the Year, and I’ve been fortunate enough to win that award three times on the FLW Tour. That’s probably been my biggest accomplishment. I want to win every event, but I basically just head out each day with the attitude that I’m just going to fish as hard as I can and learn as much as I can. That’s just kind of how I fish.

What is your favorite Garmin product?

I would have said that DownVü and SideVü were my favorite up until a few months ago. It’s really come a long way the last few years, and SideVü lets you see out to the side of you when you’re idling and draw you a picture of exactly what’s there. It’s actually an image of exactly what’s down there. If you want branches on a tree, you can actually see the branches on the tree. I still use that a good bit, but for me, Panoptix is what is going to be the future of fishing. It’s not going to give you a perfect answer to every situation, but what it will give you is the ability to see out in front of you. To me, seeing out in front of you is the biggest key.


What is one thing that you can’t live without on your boat?

When fishing, I’m going to look down at my GPSMAP 7610xsv pretty much every single cast. It gives me little threads of information that I can put together and use. It may not alter that cast, but as I go down the bank or fish offshore structure, I have to know what depths my boat is sitting in and what the situation is at that moment in time.

Tell us a little about Fishing and Hunting Texas, the TV show that you host.

Fishing and Hunting Texas actually started as Fishing Texas, and has recently morphed into Fishing and Hunting Texas. I really love the variety, but fishing is where my roots come from. I remember days in the boat with my grandfather, and if I had to pick my favorite places to fish, they’re just always in Texas. We have Toledo Bend, Amistad, Falcon Lake, Sam Rayburn, and Lake Fork; there’s just so much variety here. You can find quality lakes with plenty of variety all over the state and that’s why you see so many great fishermen come from Texas. I love putting my boat in the water on a lake I’ve never seen before, booting up all my Garmin units and going out and trying to figure out how to catch bass. That, for me, is the most fun thing I get to do.

Join us next week for some fishing tips from Clark!

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