Finding the Poles


Hearing about how you use your Garmin is always fun for us. Here’s a great story from a faithful eTrex customer. Have a good Garmin story? Send it our way!

I just returned from skiing across Antarctica where I used my Etrex Legend to find my way to the South Pole on skis. I arrived on January 19, 2007 and placed my GPS on the pole marker. You have a picture on your webpage showing an eTrex displaying 89 59′ 59.3″. Well mine displays 90 degrees EXACTLY. Plus I used it to actually FIND the South Pole, I didn’t just fly to it and stick it on top. I also used this unit in April of 2006 to find the North Pole. I have both north and south poles entered as 90 degrees north and 90 degrees south waypoints. I forced the flash on my camera so that the display is visible. I had previously loaded, as waypoints, the campsites recorded by Amundsen and Scott when the where at the pole 95 years previously. It was incredible to be able to stand at the spots where they where so long ago.


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