Face down through a Michigan winter


After 5 months face down, exposed to one of the worst Michigan winters ever, it turned on, and still had one hour of battery left.  He checked the history, and sure enough, the last entry was for November 22, 2007, 6.2 miles.  He even took it out and ran with it, 3.2 miles before the battery finally died.

I received my watch the next day.  All he said was, "You’re never gonna believe this one!"

I thought you might like to know!  And that is absolutely true. 

By the way, the watch I bought from my injured friend… I accidentally left it in my coat pocket and asked my wife to wash my running clothes.  She did, watch and all.  This was before I got word of my other watch being recovered.  I picked it out of the bottom of the wash-tub, and the face was filled with water!  I just let out a yell, "No!"  Certain of its death, I pushed the power button.  I’ve been pushing the power button ever since.  I’ve logged over two hundred miles with my very clean Garmin Forerunner 201.  The water is almost completely evaporated from the face and it never got into the electronics.  Wow!

So, I’m going to give one to my oil changing buddy!  I’m not sure which one yet.  But, I’ll be using Garmins for life!

Thanks, Jim, for that amazing testimonial. Anyone who has a story to share, please send them along to us and you could be featured on the Garmin blog.

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