Don’t Get Ripped Off


ThiefEvery day it seems there’s another news story on people who are getting their GPS units stolen out of their vehicles.  The simplest way to prevent this is to not give thieves any indication that you own one of these devices.  That means removing your unit (and mount!) from your windshield or dash, and wiping the telltale suction cup smudge off the glass.  Ideally, take your unit with you, but if that’s not possible, hide it and all of its accessories completely out of sight. 

For those of you with nüvi, zūmo, or StreetPilot c500-series devices, be sure to use Garmin Lock, which allows you to "lock" your unit from unauthorized users by establishing a four-digit pin code.  It won’t keep you device from getting stolen, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing the bad guys won’t be able to use it!

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