Dispatches from Europe, Part Two



Here’s another post from “AG,” an iQue M3 user located in Prague, Czech Republic.  In a recent post, he talked about using his M3 for work… today’s post features more of the M3’s fun-loving side:

When you’re a “bogger from way back” and you need to find the way to the nearest smoke-free pub, let the M3 be your guide.  My wife and I found a good fare to Dublin and some great travel tips while browsing on the M3’s Internet Explorer for Pocket PC (more on that next week), so we decided to go for it.  Dublin isn’t known for its beaches and sunny weather; rather, its pubs and that beer of all dark beers, Guinness.

Long story short, the weather did not disappoint and neither did the Guinness.  However, because it is off the beaten path, the M3 was instrumental in guiding us to the “Guinness Storehouse” brewery tour.  Here are a couple of snaps of the M3 basking in the fruits of its labor.

Granted, you can’t go wrong in Dublin, no matter which pub you happen into.  However, if you need to find your way through misty streets and soak up your own MP3 soundtrack of Dublin’s native sons, U2, the M3 makes it easy.  With this many maps in your pocket, it’s fun to get lost.

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