Control VIRB Action Cameras up to 9-Miles Away


Garmin has once again made an innovative integration between two products that hunting dog owners will love. This time it’s between VIRB action cameras and your Alpha or Astro tracking/training system.

Before now, you had to just fit your VIRB dog harness, turn your cameras on at the truck, start recording and let your dogs run.

Now, you can utilize your Alpha and Astro to communicate directly with VIRB action cameras as a remote, but did you know that it is possible to start recording from up to nine miles away?

Control Garmin VIRB action cameras with Garmin Alpha or AstroIf you love watching how your dogs work when they’re out of sight, whether you’re hunting birds, hogs, mountain lions, coons or bears, you’ll find this to be a valuable tool to film your hunts.

Garmin VIRB XE: Through the Eyes of a Hunting DogWe strapped up a #GarminVIRB XE to one of the dogs on our early season Prairie Chicken Hunt in Kansas. Check it out!

Posted by Garmin Fish & Hunt on Friday, December 4, 2015

Before setting up your Alpha or Astro with your Garmin VIRB action camera, make sure your handheld is updated to the latest software by using Garmin Express.

To pair your VIRB and Alpha/Astro, follow these simple steps:

The VIRB must be near the T5 or TT15 collar and have Remote turned on and set to ‘Main VIRB’ in its settings. To use the feature on Alpha 100, go to Dog List > select a dog > Show Info > Menu > VIRB Control.


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