Click & Ride with Garmin and Volkswagen


ClickRide Got a Volkswagen? It's time to get a Garmin, but not just any Garmin — you need the "Click & Ride." Since Volkswagen has just named Garmin its aftermarket GPS supplier, they've launched the new Volkswagen "Click & Ride" GPS specifically for Volkswagen owners worldwide.  The Click & Ride is based on the Garmin nuvi 7×5 series, and one of the biggest things that sets it apart from traditional nuvi devices is the custom mount that is tailored to all Volkswagen models. We worked with Volkswagen's engineers to ensure the mount design meets all the safety requirements and integrates seamlessly into the vehicle. The GPS is charged by the car’s power supply and all audio, including turn by turn directions, is outputted via the car speakers. Plus, one of the biggest advantages of the Click & Ride is when you want to explore the city on foot, you simply snap the GPS out of the cradle and you'll continue to receive directions in pedestrian mode.

The Click & Ride has a 4.3" screen and has all of our advanced features like lane assist, which guide the driver to the correct lane when approaching a turn or exit by displaying life-like road signs on the display. It also has traffic services that notify the driver of upcoming traffic or road construction delays. If an accident or construction delay occurred prior to the user programming their route, the Click & Ride will automatically calculate a route around the congestion.

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