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Our GPSMAP 276, 296, 376, 396, 378, and 478 units are extremely popular thanks to their versatility — you can move them from your car to your boat and (for some models) to your airplane.  Today’s tidbit from Chet is a handy hint that’ll make your map easier to interpret.

Chet's Corner Did you know that the GPSMAP 276/296/376/396/378/478 units all incorporate a very useful feature for automotive use that has been helpful for aviators for years?  The GPSMAP 296 and 396 have always had the feature called Declutter that will remove all of the map labels like street names and city names off of the screen to allow a cleaner, less cluttered view of the map.  This feature can be used on demand by simply pressing the Enter button on the unit.  If you wish to turn the feature back off, simply press the Enter button again.  This can be very helpful especially when viewing XM WX Weather information on the screen of your GPS.  Check out the screen shots to see the difference.


Taken with Garmin’s x-image

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