Chet’s Corner: Resets…


Featurechetscorner_1_6Peg posted last week with a tip about resetting some of the fitness devices in case they locked up while you were using them.  I am here today to tell you that all of the newer Automotive devices that don’t have any buttons located on them can also be reset if they lock up. 

With the nüvi series units, the reset button is located underneath the GPS antenna.  Just press the reset button and then power the unit back on.  You will not lose any data and the unit should return to normal.

On all of the StreetPilot c-series units, it’s a little trickier.  The reset button on these units is located underneath the removable face plate.  You can remove the face plate by pulling up on the part of the faceplate with the Garmin name on it.  The reset button is easily visible underneath.

All other units can be reset by simply removing the batteries or power plug.

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