Chet’s Corner: Bluetooth Galore


featurechetscorner_1_4_5I am back from the holiday season with more answers for the readers.  The following question has to do with the recent addition of Text Messaging to the Bluetooth capabilities of the Bluetooth-enabled nüvis and StreetPilots and the zumo 550.



Q: I guess I was “nice” because I received a Nuvi 360 from Mrs. Claus.  So far it’s been a good addition and has helped us find our way to new places quickly and easily.  Mrs.  Claus mentioned that she saw “on” that all Garmin units could now support text messaging with some free sort of free software update, but I can’t find any mention of that anywhere at all.  Is she right or has she been fooled by yet another elf “tall” tale?

A:  If you have one of the Bluetooth-enabled nüvi units, the first thing you will need to do is update the unit software.  You can do that using WebUpdater.  Once you have updated that software, you will need to pair your phone to the nüvi.  The text-messaging feature is brand new and not that many phones support it.  In order to see if your phone will support it, tap on the phone icon in the menu and scroll down to the bottom.  There will be an icon there labeled “Text Message”.  Tap on that icon, it will then tell you if your phone supports that feature.  This feature is completely dependent on the model of phone you are using.

Check back on Thursday for another post.  Maybe I will be out of my holiday fog by then…

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