Chelsea: The Ultimate VIRB Adventure Champion


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After three epic trips, 14 days of voting and tens of thousands of votes and video views, the Ultimate VIRB Adventure Champion has been crowned. The three finalists were all fierce competitors who pushed their limits in the most surreal of surroundings.  However, only one could be champion and this year’s winner is Chelsea!

As you followed Chelsea’s journey through her four stunning #VIRBadventure videos, you may have found yourself wanting to know a little more about her and what drives her to be so adventurous. Her courageous spirit didn’t simply develop with the start of the contest, we just happened to catch a glimpse of what her daily life is like on Kauai. Chelsea grew up in Hawaii and adventuring is a way of life for her. Her parents sparked her spirit of adventure at an early age and encouraged her to get out and explore. As a young child, she loved the outdoors and never wanted to wear shoes. She even ran track in junior high without shoes.

As she grew older, she wanted to experience other adventures such as diving but she found that she couldn’t hold her breath very long. She practiced, built up endurance and can now hold her breath for about five minutes at a time! In her diving adventure video, you will notice that Chelsea doesn’t dive with tanks. She prefers to be free and unrestricted to explore and swim through the tunnels as well as interacting with the turtles, dolphins and other sea creatures.

Chelsea and her friends are passionate about finding the next breathtaking view from the highest peaks and jumping off the most beautiful waterfalls. During her VIRB adventure, she shared her tropical paradise with us. Our first day began with hiking, kayaking and taking in the scenic waterfalls. The following morning, she was deep diving into the ocean and exploring tunnels and sea life. The next day had her rappelling over a 60’ waterfall and riding horses through the most beautiful terrain. She then hit the trails and went zip lining through the jungle, followed by surfing into the sunset. As her adventure came to a close, she took in the most stunning of all views from the helicopter in a flyover of the island.

Congratulations Chelsea! We can’t wait to keep checking in with you throughout the year and seeing more of your VIRB Adventures.

To see all of her adventures and a final wrap up video from Chelsea’s Ultimate VIRB Adventure, you can watch them on YouTube.

Chelsea VIRB Adventure: Champion

Chelsea VIRB Adventure: Final Epic

Chelsea VIRB Adventure: Waterfall Rappel

Chelsea VIRB Adventure: Diving

Chelsea VIRB Adventure: Surfing

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