Changes Coming Soon to Garmin Forums


We are making improvements to our forums!  In addition to working to provide better spam solutions to reduce the intrusion that spam causes all of us, we will also be making some adjustments to help you better identify which sub-forums are community-moderated.

Part of these exciting changes is that we will be taking a more active role in moderating select sub-forums to ensure you have the information you need.  To help with this effort, we will be closing some older, less-active sub-forums.  They’ll be archived, so you can still search them for any info you may need.

Moving forward, it will be much clearer when a sub-forum moves from Garmin-moderated to community-moderated.

We’d also like to take a moment to remind you of the other great support channels we offer our customers.  You can access our FAQ knowledge base 24/7 here:

Finally, don’t forget to check out any of our market-specific Facebook pages and Twitter accounts!

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