Celebrate Aviation Today!


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We hear the sound of engine overhead and can’t help but to strain and look skyward. We pass by an airport only to slow down or stop to get a glimpse of the local aircraft. The bug has bitten us. It’s in our blood. However you put it, we love aviation. Everything from the sight of a beautiful aircraft, the sound of a finely purring engine, to the feeling of soaring thousands of feet above the earth.

For some of us, aviation has been passed from generation to generation. For others, it’s a brand new adventure that has taken us to new places, and allowed us to make new friends. This passion is much like a language; it’s easy to tell when we’re talking to an aviation colleague. It is a unique kindred spirit that unites people in this realm.  

So today in honor of National Aviation Day, let’s appreciate everything aviation. If you’re a pilot, be sure to go flying. If you’re an enthusiast, check our your local airport or air museum. Whatever you choose, consider taking a friend or family member along. Each new person introduced to flight is another addition to the family.



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