Caddy Confidential: The Numbers Don’t Lie


I learned how to hit better shots simply by knowing how far I hit each club. So now, when I'm 160 out I hit a smooth 7-iron instead of a hard 8. Since using the Measure Distance feature to catalog my distances, I've hacked my index down to an 8.9. Not my best ever, but 3.5 strokes better than before.

Thankfully, my regular playing partners have stopped giving me helpful tips like, "buy a good tennis racket" or delicately suggesting that I "renew the fishing license." And best of all, I've finally stopped "making boat payments" for my friendly foursome week after week. So I think I'll continue to play, for now, at least.

To learn more about using your Approach G5, check out these videos Jake posted in the Garmin Learning Center. And good luck whittling a few strokes off your handicap!

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