Caddy Confidential: Putting the Approach G5 into play


Approach0109 002 Having the ability to see where, and how far you need to hit it on an unknown course, usually from 30 or so yards off the "fairway," is an incredible advantage. This grinding caddy got a lot of, "great recovery" and "how could you even see the green?" types of comments from amazed playing partners. Partners who quickly learned to gather around yours truly on each tee box to view Approach's detailed mapping. The Sanctuary has a bevy of blind tee shots, hidden bunkers and desert outcrops – all easily avoided with the help of the Approach.

[NOTE TO READER: While it's neither an officially endorsed use of, and/or recognized function by the Garmin Legal Department, the rough and rugged Approach does, it fact, work as a rattlesnake repellent when tossed at lizard-like creatures lurking in desert bushes. Even when said rattlesnake turns out to be one of those harmless, sneaky little lizard things crawling around wherever this terrified hack seemed to hit his tee shots.]

Happily, this tall tale ends with some great news – that being the aforementioned update that the Approach G5 is officially for sale through Hitting shelves weeks ahead of schedule, you can now get your hands on Approach just as the golf season gets under way. Be sure to request any courses you'd like here, check out our newest YouTube posting here, or please add a comment below if you know how one can sink a 3-foot putt on a consistent basis. Till next time, Happy Golfing!

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