Caddy Confidential: Hot New Software Update for Approach G5


ApproachG5target Hang onto your hats golf fans. This humble caddy is about to go into bizarre and uncharted territory – that is, technical computer talk. Having been trained and coached on what to say by a few dozen of Garmin's top software men and women, I'm proud to announce the following: A software update is now available for the Approach G5! Just connect your USB cord to your Approach, then go to myGarmin to update your software.

That's right duffers, my better educated colleagues assure me the one's and zero's have been thoughtfully altered, and the result is a more intuitive Digital Scorecard and a more energy-efficient Approach.

Once you've started to use the Digital Scorecard during a round, Approach will now transition automatically from one hole to the next. Also, a scorecard screen will pop up as a reminder to post your score after each hole.

Having used the feature last week, it certainly is quicker and easier to use – although my scores didn't magically get better. As such, I have politely inquired demanded the software team come up with a way to turn an "8" into a "4."

Additionally, a bunch of buttons were pushed on a computing machine and now, magically, the Approach is a lot more energy-efficient. The benefits here are obvious. And as always, we suggest using rechargeable batteries so as to stay green when you're on the green.

One final computer related note, be sure to check out @JakesJournal if you're into this "Twitter" thing we keep hearing about. Jake does a bang up job updating all things Garmin and all things Approach with both personality and panache.

Meanwhile, we'll be hunkered down in our candlelit caddy shack, typing away on our portable Remington so as to bring you all the Approach news that's fit to print – like next week's course additions and downloads – so stay tuned!

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