Caddy Confidential: Dialing in Distance Control with Approach


New measure shot 1 On the 18th hole I was faced with one of those awkward, “tweener” distances of 65 yards. We had the course to ourselves and were launching a bunch of balls all over the place, so I took the liberty of hitting a half-dozen lob wedges to try and dial in the distance Approach was giving me – 65 yards exactly. I thought 65 yards would be about a ¾ lob wedge for me. I pulled the trigger and flew it 10 yards deep into the back of the green. I dialed it back just a touch and knocked the next few shots within a few feet of the pin. I repeated that swing a few more times with surprisingly good, consistent results. When I got to the green, the “shot measurer” told me the first ball flew 74 yards. My other shots all landed between 65 and 67 yards exactly – sprayed left and right a touch, but locked in distance-wise.

I hit range balls afterwards repeating both the 65 and 74-yard shots to build up some muscle memory. Hopefully, when spring returns I’ll remember that feeling. If not, I’ll use Approach to help get me that exacting, dialed in feeling back. I’m also planning on using the “shot measurer” to gauge iron shots from the rough and bunkers versus shots from the fairway versus shots from the tee. I plan on using Approach a lot this spring to get as much information about distance control as possible. Till then, I’ll be chipping away at the ceiling paint and making excuses why.

Keep checking Caddy Confidential and YouTube for more videos showing off some more Approach features. And who knows, if the weather breaks, we may even try to sneak out to the course and put Approach in play. Till then, tee ‘em high & let ‘em fly – but watch out for the chandelier.

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