Bright Lights, Big City


While the nüvi 260W just made its debut at CES less than a month ago, it’s already making a splash in NYC. One of the first nüvi 260W owners on the eastern seaboard was quick to send us some kind notes on his thoughts.  Ed L. writes:

“I wanted to send everyone at Garmin some kind words about my new nüvi 260W. I’ve only owned it a few weeks but I’ve been very happy with it. It’s very intuitive and easy to use . . . I took it out of the box and didn’t even bother to read the manual. I was also amazed at the size of the windshield mount and the nüvi – both were incredibly small and easy to store when I’m not using them.

On my first use, I went to my car in the garage of my apartment building and turned it on. My car is in a     spot by the wall and a pretty big window and I was curious if I would get a signal in the garage. After searching for a bit, it locked on. Then I just typed in an address in Manhatttan and drove off. One thing I     immediately noticed is at red lights or whenever I’m stopped the nüvi holds its signal, my previous gps unit would jump around and get confused for some reason. Needles to say, I was pretty impressed.

Usually, I wait awhile whenever a new model comes out. But the 260W had everything I wanted at a     great price so I decided to get it. I’ve been nothing but happy with my purchase. Thanks for a great product.


Ed L.
New York, NY

Thanks for the letter, Ed. It’s great hearing from Garmin customers and we’re happy you’re enjoying your nüvi 260W.

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