Ben uses his Edge 705 to ride the wind


Ben-Escape 2Garmin-sponsored triathlete Ben Collins shares his training and racing experiences with the Garmin Edge 705 and Forerunner 405.

Recently I was in Laie on the windward side of the North Shore of Oahu. Living up to its name, it was quite windy. I went for a ride toward Haleiwa and was amazed that I made it there in about 40 minutes without really trying. What I should have realized is that if I was going nearly 30 mph without effort, I really should be turning around well before halfway through my ride. It took about 50% longer to back, and there was no “easy” riding involved in it; just crouching over and taking a windy beating.

So I started thinking what if my Garmin Edge 705 gave me some clue as to how much assistance I was getting from the wind? It could tell me my coefficient of environmental assistance, which I would like to name the ‘Collins Coefficient,’ and it would basically take my power output, my speed, the percent grade and some estimate of aerodynamics (or lack there of) for a big-shouldered swimmer type like myself. Basically, when I’m flying down the road with a tail wind, or drafting off a school bus, it would be a large positive coefficient and the screen would read something like, “don’t be too proud," or “going the other way is not going to be fun." Whereas when I’m fighting a 20 mph headwind uphill, the coefficient would be negative and the screen could read, "I told you this wasn’t going to be fun.” Okay, so enough dreaming. I'll stick to my training and let Garmin come up with great product features. Here's my ride in Garmin Connect.

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