Ben tests in pre-season, builds endurance


2008_12_4_lt_test_010_2Garmin-sponsored triathlete Ben Collins shares his training and racing experiences with the Garmin Edge 705 and Forerunner 405.

It’s pre-season now, which means it’s time to start building a base. This means a lot of long – but easy – training to build endurance and force the body to learn to be more efficient. How “easy” is determined by a Lactate Threshold test. This is a sub-maximal exercise test that measures how well the body is able to metabolize lactic acid from the muscles, and which finds the point (heart rate and power output) at which lactic acid is being created faster than it can be used. Below that level of excursion, an athlete can maintain that output indefinitely. But above it, and we will be limited in time.

I was tested today at a gym in Seattle called Herriott Sports Performance. My numbers were a bit lower than the last time I tested, but I also haven’t been riding consistently the past few months, so I’m not worried. The idea of testing in the early season is to get a baseline for comparison when I test during the race season. My least favorite part of testing is being told to be quiet. Apparently talking makes my heart rate go up and consequently, messes up the test. Not talking is so hard for me!

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