Ben takes to the trails in Tahoe


2008_11_16_tahoe_054So after four days of complaining about how big the hill was, I convinced a friend of mine to join me in a second attempt to see the Flume Trail. This time we started right from the trailhead at the base of Tunnel Creek Road. We walked just as much, if not more, as my first time up the hill, but this time I had a scapegoat so I didn’t feel so worthless. Once on Flume Trail, we ran along a narrow path with a rock wall to the left and a sheer cliff to the right. Looking straight down we could see the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe, and, in the distance, the foamy white clouds of smoke drifting over the mountains from the forest service’s prescribed burns.

After four miles, the trail turned up the hill for a short climb to Marlette Lake. The clear alpine waters of Marlette were taunting my thirst as I began to regret not packing a water bottle. It was purely the fear of dysentery that enabled me to resist the temptation to submerge my head and guzzle a gallon of cold water. After snapping a few pictures, we turned around and ran back the way we came. By the time we started back down Tunnel Creek, we had all but forgotten the struggle of the first three miles. And the smiles on our faces after the run proved that the pleasures of running Flume Trail were worth the climb.

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