Astro: It’s Not Just For Pooches Anymore…



Dsc01699We’ve told you a bunch of times how the Astro GPS Dog Tracking System can change the way you hunt this fall.  But what we haven’t told you is that it’s also a great way to entertain the kids.  Allow us to explain.

A couple weeks back, one of your friendly blog editors met a longtime hunting buddy up in northern Minnesota for an annual ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting trip.  This was the first year that kids — ages ranging from five to ten — got the chance to tag along.  The hunting was tough and the birds were uncharacteristically sparse, but sharing the experience with the kiddoes made it a trip of a lifetime.



Dsc01724To help keep the young’uns entertained, one of the favorite games was Astro Hide and Seek, which took one of two permutations.  In one, a kid would take an DC 20 transmitter (no, not strapped to their neck, but in a fanny pack…) and get a five minute head start to hide in the woods, and the other kids would track them down.  In the other version, the dads would hide the transmitter deep in the woods, and then give the kids a certain amount of time to find it — if they beat the buzzer, a candy bar of their choice awaited them.

What’s the point of all this?  Well, with the hunting season upon us, there may be some hunting dog owners out there who are still Astro-less.  Is the family CFO requiring a bit more justification before you spend money on hunting gear?  Try this line: it’s for the kids, honey.

Nicely done, fellow hunter.  Nicely done.

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